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Training? But first, coffee!


These cute little coffee cups are 180ml and will hold a flat white size coffee. They have a non-slip heat resistant grip with the Cloud Logo and the eCoffee logo so you know you’re getting a genuine eCoffee cup. The lid has a fold back tab to seal the slurp-hole so it’s non-spill.


We’ve teamed up with eCoffee Cup to bring you a completely eco-friendly reusable coffee cup. The cup itself is made from a composite of natural fibres (cornstalk and bamboo), non-GMO corn starch and a plant-based resin derived from aloe and soybean­ extract.  The natural corn stalk and bamboo fibre is upcycled from materials previously burned by farmers. These materials are plentiful and do not require any form of forest or food-compromise farming. The sleeves and lids are made from pure, latex-free food grade silicone, sourced from oxygen and silica (sand)


Did you know a lot of bamboo cups are just bamboo composite and they often contain over 60% melamine, which is a non-recyclable plastic! With this cup you know you're getting a truly 100% eco friendly cup.

Reusable Eco Coffee Cup

SKU: 364215375135191
  • Available in nine different colours, 180ml

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