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Calling all dancers...



Join our week-long aerial intensive

Are you a dancer who wants to expand your repertoire and start applying for those cruise-ship and performance jobs that require aerial?  Want to get the edge on your competitors and gain access to performance opportunities you could only dream of before?

Spend a whole week training like a professional aerialist with our team of dancers-turned-aerialists who will show you the way and provide their special insight on how to 'make it' in the industry. All our teachers have worked on cruise ships and have regular performance gigs at shows, festivals and weddings as well as those high paying corporate gigs.

The week will focus on aerial hoop with Megan, aerial silks with Ed, plus floor acrobatics and handstands with Yasmine. You'll finish the week with a video recording session with our amazing videographer Phil Bearman, providing you with an unbeatable upgrade to your showreel - see Phil's work for professional aerialists here.

When all the hard work is over you'll also get to spend a fun afternoon in Cloud's aerial wonderland, giving you access to our specialist aerial equipment such as chains, lollipop and heart. You'll get a sense for the many possibilities that lay ahead for the career of an aerialist and have the opportunity to take some fabulous photos too. You may feel inspired to create a niche act of your own!

You'll get 18 hours of tuition over the week plus your video footage and the aerial playground all included. If you want more info on what an example day will look like, drop us an email below.

25 - 29th March 2024


Pay a deposit and settle the rest over the next six months - £50


Pay for the full course

in one go here - £350


Email US

For information on future intensives, please don't hesitate to reach out to us!

A Day In The Life

Take a sneak peek behind the scenes, @emj0nes_ ( Emma Jones); one of our wonderful dancers takes you through a day in the life....

What Next?

Though our course may be over for now, Cloud has plenty more in store. To express your interest in future intensives, dance intensives or otherwise, contact Cloud:

If you would like to learn more about Cloud's One Month Professional Intensive happening this summer, click the button below.

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