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Go to the hardcore side of aerial and take on the beast that is aerial chains!


Each set consists of two chains looped in half. You can get 3.5m, 4m, 5m and 6m, which gives your chains a working height of half that (3.5m gives you working height of 1.75m, 6m gives you working height of 3m). They come with a Petzl paw plate, quick links and a steel locking carabiner, all fully rated for safety (swivels not included).


If you want a different length just drop us a message for a custom quote. We also sell them without the paw plate and carabiner if you already have all that jazz at home. If you order chains without metalwork you'll get two lengths of chain with a quicklink attached at each end (x4).


Made from galvanised steel for smoother grip and less chafing, these chains are rated to 1.3kn which gives a safe working load of 260kg per chain.


Note: the shorter the chains the more limited you'll be in what you do with them and the more painful the wraps will be because shorter chains have more tension in the wraps. You can still do loads of stuff on shorter chains but just be aware of this. Secondly, you cannot shorten your chains using the quicklinks, there is not enough room in each link to fit a quicklink in the middle of two links. We do have a solution for this though, if you email us we'll send you a link to some climbing roundslings you can use to choke the chains shorter and a little picture of how to do it.


Remember to store your chains away from cold and damp. These bad boys are heavy, weighing in at 20kg for the set, so postage is higher than normal. You can also pick them up from our Manchester studio if you’re nearby. If you're getting public transport we suggest bringing a little wheely suitcase to carry them in.

Aerial Chains

PriceFrom £115.00
  • Store your chains away from cold and damp and check them every so often for any rust spots. If they do have any rusting this can be cleaned with white vinegar and a stiff brush. Be careful using abrasive cleaners or brushes such as steel wool on your chains.

    Make sure you thoroughly dry your chains if they get wet, damp or after cleaning.

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