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FAQS for the new booking system


Do I need to create a new account?

If you had an account and have used it within the last 18 months on our old system, we’ve migrated your account across to the new system. You'll need to do a password reset as the new system has stronger password rules.


I had points on the old system, what has happened to them?

If you had points on our old system, either in a pass or from a top up bundle, we’ve rounded them up and added them to the new system. One credit is one class, so for example if you had 35 points on the old system we rounded it up to 40 and gave you 4 credits on the new system.

I had classes booked on the old system, do I need to rebook?

We’re currently migrating all the classes over but we have to do it one by one so bear with us, and send coffee


I’m sure I had more credits/classes booked, can you check?

If you think you’re missing credits or classes please email us at and we’ll take a look.


Do credits expire?

On our new system newly bought credits WILL expire, but any points we migrated from the old system will not have an expiry date. When you buy new credits on the system you’ll see clearly when they expire.


How much do credits cost now?

You can see all our new prices and bundles on the Pricing page. Our drop in prices have increased slightly to meet rising costs, but you can still get classes for less if you buy the class packs.


Can I use my credits for any class?

We now have slightly different pricing tiers for different classes, this is all explained on the Pricing page so you can see what class pack would be best for you depending on the classes you tend to book. We've set it so you don't waste an aerial credit on a much cheaper stretch class, so you'll need to make sure you have the right credits for the right classes. The system will tell you if you don't have the right credit.


Do you still do the monthly pass?

Yes we do, you can get a gold or silver pass and you can see exactly what is included in each of those passes on the Pricing page.


Where’s the app?

You’ll find the app in the Apple store or on Google Play by searching for Glofox - or click here. When you’ve installed the Glofox app you’ll choose Cloud Aerial Arts and then you can log in using your normal login details from the old system. Have a scroll around the app and see what you think!


I don’t want to use the app, my phone is full of apps and I hate it.

Don’t worry, you can book online directly from this site on the booking page, it just looks and works a lot better on the app.


I need help!

If you’re stuck with anything just drop us an email at and we’ll get back to you asap.

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