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Terms & Conditions


When you sign up to a recurring membership you are agreeing for either a direct debit to be set up or a recurring card payment and the money will come out of your account automatically once a month. Recurring memberships have a 28 day cancellation period so if you wish to cancel you must contact us to give us 28 days' notice. If you just cancel your direct debit and do not cancel with us, you will be liable for the missed payment and we will pursue this through the court system if necessary. If you fail to pay your membership or the payment bounces, the payment will be automatically retried a few days later. If the payment bounces again your membership will be paused and you will not be able to attend the studio until the balance is paid.

You can pause recurring memberships up to twice in any one year period, just email us to freeze the membership and we will do so. If we close for any period such as Christmas, we will extend your membership by the same number of days we are closed.


You can buy more credits at any point during your membership but we will not transfer credits from one month to the next so you need to make sure you use up any credits on your membership each month. Open training credits cannot be converted into aerial credits.


All classes are for students aged 16+ unless specifically stated in the name of the class (e.g. mum and baby). We will not allow anyone under 16 to join in adult classes and if you book a class for an underage student you will lose your place and may not be entitled to a refund if the class begins within 7 days (see more on cancellations and refunds below).



We can only refund whole transactions, not random credits in your account – i.e. When you buy a bundle of credits or a membership you can request a refund up to 7 days after purchase if you have not used/spent any of the credits on classes. Once you have spent any of the credits you are deemed to have accepted the terms of service and can use the unbooking system to recredit your account, but you will not be entitled to a monetary refund at all. If you book a PAYG class directly (rather than a pack or pass) you can request a refund up to seven days before the class starts but if the class start is within seven days you will only be able to recredit your account using the unbooking system.


If you book a set course of classes (such as our intro courses or 4 week courses) the 7 day window applies to the first class of the course and you can only get a refund if you request it 7 days before the first class of the course. If you are unable to attend one class in the course we will endeavour to provide you with another class to catch up but we cannot guarantee this and you must inform us before the course ends that you are unable to attend one of the classes in order to arrange a catch up class.

It is your responsibility to use up your credits before they expire, we will not extend credit expiry dates because you haven't used them, nor will we refund unused credits.

Under no circumstances will we refund credits into pounds. This is because you may have bought different packs with the points and so it is impossible for us to put a financial value on them and if we have provided a deal you get the cheaper class rate on the condition that you commit to a block of classes so if we refund the points then you have had the cheaper class without the commitment. You are welcome to sell your credits to another Cloud student at any time though, and we will transfer them.

Absolutely no refunds will be issued for cancellation within 7 days of the course or class start date or once the course of classes has begun. If you are unable to attend a class you have paid for you can attend another class using our recredit system. This is explained below. This only applies to regularly scheduled Cloud classes run by Cloud teachers, not masterclasses or workshops by outside instructors, nor intensives or any other classes outside the normal timetable.

Outside workshops run by independent teachers, weekend masterclasses or intensive workshops have a no refund policy and the recredit system does not apply. You will not receive credits if you cancel, all bookings are final. You are welcome to try and sell your space to other students and we will of course transfer bookings if this takes place but we will not refund you and we will not be responsible for selling your place for you.

If you book a private lesson with one of our instructors and you wish to cancel, you must give 24 hours notice or you will have to pay a £10 cancellation fee. Credits cannot be used for private lessons because these fees are paid directly to the teachers and do not go through Cloud’s booking systems.

Cloud reserves the right to cancel or change classes at any time – we endeavour not to do this without plenty of notice and only during extreme circumstances would a class be cancelled. If you have paid for your class and it is cancelled, you will be reimbursed or transferred to another class at your discretion. Cloud has no control over classes run by outside instructors. Cloud reserves the right to refuse entry to classes – if you book onto a class that is beyond your level Cloud is not obligated to honour your booking and will not refund your points. Cloud is not obligated to allow anyone entry to class and may refuse your entry at any time. It is entirely at Cloud’s discretion to refuse entry into class for whatever reason and Cloud’s decision is final. If you are refused entry into a class because the teacher believes you are not of the requisite level, this is entirely their decision and is non-negotiable. If you breach any of our class rules (displayed within the studio) you may be asked to leave the class and will not receive a refund for that class.

If you breach any of our rules during self training you may be asked to leave.

If you are found teaching another student or bringing someone to open training with the intention of teaching them you may be banned from the space.



We provide a recredit system where if you cannot attend a class you have paid for, as long as you unbook your space from the class within 24 hours of the class starting, you will get the credit back in your account and you can then spend it on another class.


  1. You must unbook your place at least 24 hours before the class starts

  2. They will not be added retroactively for ANY reason if you miss the window

  3. The recredit system only applies to our regular scheduled classes, not masterclasses, weekend workshops or intensives.

Remember – you must unbook your place 24 hours before your class is due to start, otherwise you will not receive a credit and we cannot add these later. We are unable to add catch up credits after this 24 hour window has closed no matter what the reason is so please don’t ask us to break this rule as we can’t be fair to everyone if we allow some people to break the rule and not others.

Catch up credits do not apply to workshops, masterclasses, intensives, private lessons or any events other than our normal scheduled classes.


Your credits have expiry dates so make sure you are aware of them and use the credits before the expiry date. We will only extend expiry dates for extenuating circumstances such as pregnancy or serious injury (requiring doctor's note), not for holidays or illnesses. We will not pause passes that have a one month expiry date; the reason this is the cheapest membership is because it must be used within that month.



  • Please be on time for your classes – if you are late and miss the warm up you are required to warm yourself up and the responsibility for being warm and ready to join the class transfers to you; no responsibility will be accepted by Cloud if you are not physically ready to join in or sustain injuries due to being improperly warmed up.

  • Do not teach other students – you are not qualified, experienced or insured to teach Cloud’s students and you should not do so, nor should you ask another student to show you how to do a move that you have not been shown by your teacher. If another student sustains an injury because you have incorrectly told them to do something then Cloud cannot be held responsible. Additionally, if you perform a move that you have been advised to do by another student rather than your teacher, Cloud will not be held responsible for any injuries you sustain. Students found to be repeatedly breaking this rule will be spoken to about this; it’s extremely important that students teaching students does not happen in class. The disclaimer you sign at the beginning of every class states that Cloud will not be held responsible for any moves performed that have not been directly demoed by the teacher.

  • You must wear appropriate clothing for classes – all jewellery must be removed before class – rings and bracelets can scratch the pole and get caught on the hoops, causing injury. Any sharp or metal objects worn can tear the silks and damage our equipment. If you have an item of jewellery that you cannot remove, you may cover it with a plaster or bandage, but you will be liable for any damage of our equipment and Cloud will not be liable for any jewellery related injuries. If you refuse to take your jewellery off, you may be asked to leave the class.

  • At Cloud we allow anyone to take photographs and videos of their moves, but we ask that you do not video the instructor teaching the class without their express permission. We also ask that you inform your instructor before class begins if you are uncomfortable with videos being taken. Cloud instructors will often video and photograph the classes to display on websites or social media; if you are unhappy with this you must inform your teacher before the class begins. The disclaimer you sign at the beginning of each class states that we use video and photography in our classes. If you want to video your child in any of the kids or baby classes, please make sure there are no other children in the background or that you have the express permission of the parent of that child. If you have any queries just take a look at our FAQs section on the website or drop us an email.

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