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Silks glorious silks!


These silks are springier than Prodigy but not as springy as Firetoys, so medium spring! When you get them they'll feel soft and bouncy but don't worry they'll settle in.


You'll receive your silks and a brand new rescue 8, unless you select No to metalwork in which case you'll just get your beautiful silks!


These silks are rated to 1500kg. If you want a custom length drop us a message for a price, but note we don't go below 8m minimum because we have a minimum rate with our supplier.


If your silks start to get a little stinky you can wash them in washing machine, but don't use fabric softener as this makes them slippy as heck. For the most use and least stink, try and hang your silks up after use rather than balling them up and cramming them in a bag.


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PriceFrom £92.00
  • Try to avoid using too much grip like rosin and liquid chalk because this seeps into the fabric and makes it stiff and grimy. Too much rosin can cake the silks and make them more prone to tears. If your students (or you!) use a lot of rosin, you might need to wash your silks more often.


    When washing your silks, wash them on low temperature and don't use any bleaches or harmful chemicals. Avoid fabric conditioner as it will make them slippery.

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