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Our Classes

Aerial Hoop

Aerial Hoop is one of the most rewarding and popular classes you can do at Cloud – you will gain strength, grace and fluidity and you’ll love every minute of it



Learn the class circus discipline of static trapeze, first seen in circuses in 1859! Fun, rewarding and exciting, you’ll love this aerial class. You'll work on both the bar and in the ropes to flow effortlessly around the trapeze


Pole Dancing

Pole dancing is one of the most fun ways you can work out. You will learn spins, transitions, movement and tricks from simple, pretty positions to the more complex gymnastic tricks

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What’s the most fun you can have with another person without taking your clothes off? The answer is acro! You don't need to bring a partner, we're all friends at Cloud. Come and climb on each other!



Handstands is a great way to gain strength, flexibility and fitness levels and it's a cool party trick! Handstand training is a long journey but it's paved with successes and joy along the way



Our vinyasa style yoga class is a flowing dynamic class with poses, stretches and transitions to help balance and align your body and mind. Come and join us on the mat.



Halfway between a hoop and a pole, this fun new aerial art is fast gaining popularity. Come and see what it's all about in our lollipop classes at Cloud


Aerial Sling

This class allows you to move around a flowing sling of fabric. Wrap yourself up in it and get lost in this floaty aerial discipline that's surprisingly different from silks


Aerial Conditioning

Come and get super strong in our aerial conditioning class. This class will help you get those inverts, deadlifts and strength tricks you've been working on in class


Aerial Silks

Silks is a beautiful circus art that will build strength, flexibility and co-ordination. One of the more traditional aerial arts and popular with cirque du soleil and cruise ships


Aerial Yoga

Add a new dimension to your yoga practice and turn your yoga upside down with our aerial yoga classes. You'll move and flow through positions utilising the sling to increase flexibility, balance and strength.

Aerial Yoga

Mum & Baby Class

Bring your baby and learn aerial hoop at the same time! Super supportive group of mums getting back to fitness in the most fun way, you and your baby will love this class.

Babies and Yoga

Adult Gymnastics

Adult gymnastics can be intimidating but at Cloud we're friendly and safe and we make sure you have a great time learning cartwheels, tumbles and tricks. Suitable for beginners through to intermediate level gymnasts.



The only studio in the North West to have weekly straps classes - find out what incredible strength you can gain from training straps. Great for the next step in your calisthenics journey

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Dharma Wheel

This exciting new addition to our yoga classes is a great way to increase your flexibility and balance and adds a fun prop to your normal yoga flow. Great for backbends!



Want to get those flat splits or bendy backs? Come and join us for stretch class. You'll gain flexibility and tone as well as injury prevention and you'll get those super cool flexy tricks



Take your flexibility training to the next level. You don't have to be crazy bendy to do contortion classes, you just need to be prepared to work hard as it's a little more intense.


Open Training

We have open training sessions most days so you can come and practice what you've learned in class, or train for a gig or performance. This session is uninstructed so you must follow our open training safety oath.

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