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turn your life upside down

Are you sick of joining the gym, going a handful of times and then watching the money come out of your account each month? Or maybe you've tried a few exercise classes that felt good at first but then got boring? Maybe they were too focused on weight loss, calorie counting and making you feel guilty for eating that Snickers to keep you coming back.

At Cloud we're different. Our classes are an exciting new hobby first and a fitness class second. You'll join a like-minded community of people who hate boring workouts and who support each other through their successes and yes, failures. Aerial is a journey along which you progress with the help and support of your teachers and fellow students and you'll love every step.

You'll find the widest range of aerial classes so there will definitely be one that suits you, and you'll discover a hobby that is great for your physical and mental health. Aerial arts is a great form of mindfulness because when you're in the air you can't think about your problems on the ground and that means you can really fly. We have classes in aerial hoop, silks, gymnastics, handstands, pole dancing, aerial yoga, stretch, rope/corde lisse, sling, trapeze and more!


Ok, it all sounds great but I'm still a bit nervous...

Don't worry, we hear you! It can be so nerve-wracking walking into a new space to try something that is well out of your comfort zone, no matter how many inspirational Instagram memes we post about it. That's why we've designed some intro courses for brand new beginners to ease you into the upside down aerial life. In these courses you'll train with the same people (who are also brand new), week after week so you can go through those first week nerves together and you can have someone cheering you on as you go. At the end of the four weeks you can join another course or you can dive right into our regularly scheduled classes. You'll get to know our studio, our teachers and the other students and you'll soon feel right at home.

We have a flexible approach to our four week courses as well, if you can't attend one week you can make up the class either during or after the course. We'll also give you a discount on booking your first class after the course has finished.

If you want to just jump straight in you're welcome to join our normal timetable of classes. We have classes suitable for brand new beginners in every discipline; you don't have to do a course first. Any of our classes that say beginners, mixed level or don't specify a level, are suitable for brand new people. We have lots of classes every single day so you can enjoy pole dancing, aerial hoop, aerial silks, rope, aerial yoga, sling, handstands, gymnastics, acrobalance, acroyoga, trapeze, straps and more in our gorgeous central Manchester studio. Book your brand new beginners class today with our online booking system.

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