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Pre order your leopard print rope and be one of the first people in the entire world to have a leopard rope!

These ropes are covered corde lisse ropes, the core is made from marine grade cotton rope. They've been load tested to 250kg working load and they come with a Delta carabiner sewn in, which has its own load proof cert as well.

They've recently been showcased at the Manchester Aerial & Acrobatics Convention and all the rope teachers said they were lovely to use; soft and supple but grippy as well.

This is a PREORDER so we can use your deposit to have the rope covers made as there is a minimum order of 1000m at a time. When we have received the rope covers we will start making them straight away but we anticipate it will likely be late August when we can get them out. You will be kept fully updated of the progress though. You can confirm the length of rope you'd like once we've received the materials and final balance will be due once they're finished. The price will be £32pm of rope so a 6m rope will be £192 and a 10m rope will be £320. Postage can be added at the end as well and we can post anywhere in the world.

Leopard Rope PREORDER

SKU: 364215376135199
  • Your rope might feel a little stiff and rough at first but it will only take a few hours of use to break it in. Keep it dry and away from bright direct sunlight to protect the colours.

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