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Cloud's Open Training Safety Oath

  • If I am using the Cloud space to self-train I am aware that I am not being directly instructed or closely supervised by a teacher or responsible person.

  • I have read this oath in full and am aware of my expected behaviour.

  • I will not train anything which I am unsure of or have never done before.

  • I will use this time to train tricks and movements I have learned in class and feel confident with.

  • I will use all available safety equipment such as crash mats.

  • I will be mindful of my surroundings including equipment, rigging and other students and I will make sure I am being safe and considerate in my practice.

  • If I need a spotter I will bring a spotter with me to the training session or I will not train the trick.

  • If I am doing aerial I will use a suitably sized crash mat at all times.

  • If any Cloud staff member believes me to be training anything unsafely or doing things which are creating a danger to myself or others they may ask me to stop. If I fail to do so I am aware I will be asked to leave the space and will not receive a refund for my training time. If I repeatedly break this rule I am aware I may be permanently banned from the space.

  • I will not use open training sessions to teach friends/partners/anyone I bring with me. I will not bring anyone with me who has never trained aerial before. I am aware that if I am found to be teaching someone I may be asked to leave.

  • I will tidy away my crash mats and any other floor based equipment I use during the session and I will leave the space as I found it.

  • I am aware that if I break any of the above rules I am potentially endangering myself and others and Cloud will not be held responsible for my actions including any injuries and it is possible that I will be banned from training.


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